You should be GRATEFUL, you heathens!

In recent days, I've seen several internet scolds posting a version of this as a meme:

"Instead of complaining about gas prices going up, you should be grateful that you aren't sitting on a concrete floor in a train terminal, holding your cat, wondering if your home and everyone you love has been blown to bits."

Apparently, they are offended that people are concerned about the cost of gasoline increasing at an eye-watering rate.

So put aside your worries over being able to afford to even get to work, and then to buy food - the cost of which is also increasing at an alarming rate - and keeping the lights on. The loss of your home, your job, your family will come at a much slower pace than if it was all blown to bits, so you shouldn't fret. You should be more worried about people thousands of miles away, for whom there is nothing you can do other than donate to relief organizations - if you have any money left after buying gas for your car and food for your family - as it is clearly the superior moral choice.

And don't forget to virtue signal with your flag on your profile!

Photo Credit: Gas prices are displayed at a Mobil station across the street from the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, Calif., on March 7, 2022. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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