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I am a Christian, wife, mother, step-mother, and grandmother. I live in the beautiful East Tennessee area, right next to the Great Smoky Mountains. My husband, Rich, and I share our empty nest with three indoor cats, and four feral kitties in the yard. Between us, we raised nine children who have given us seventeen grandchildren. The terms step-, half-, and -in-law don’t apply to our huge family. Together we are embracing middle age with a sense of adventure with travel as one of our top priorities. We recently bought a fifth-wheel camper, and look forward to lots of adventures with that. My other hobbies and interests include knitting and fiber crafts, computer technology, books, writing, movies, music, and all sorts of nerd stuff.

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Random thoughts and observations on faith, pop culture, current events, knitting, cats, and travel. Not necessarily in that order. A testament to the fact that life doesn't end when one hits middle age.


Christian. Wife. Mom. Nana. Constitutionalist. Knitter. Traveler. Cat herder. Nerd. Luke 21:15 Ephesians 6:12